Surfing is a relatively new sport in India but one that is gaining popularity quickly. With the rise of many surfing school making the sport accessible, more people are trying to catch their first wave.

India has over 7000 Km of coastline and majority of this remains unexplored in terms of suitability for surfing. But with such a large coastline, finding good waves would never be difficult.

Big Waves season with 8 feet plus waves lasts from May to September during the pre-monsoon and monsoon season. Rest of the year witnesses the average 3-5 feet waves. Big Wave season can get messy so its best reserved for experienced surfers.

top 10 surfing school in india to help you catch your first wave

1. Mantra Surf Club, Mulki, Karnataka

Mantra Surf Club is India’s first surf club and are among the most passionate surfers in the country and constantly work towards growing the sport. Mantra Surf Club was started in 2004. The founders believe that surfing isn’t only about getting in the water and catching a few waves. They believe surfing can be a spiritual experience and has a deeper meaning. Surfing also requires you to be extremely fit so it also promotes a better lifestyle. To learn more about Mantra Surf Club, Click here. 

2. Cocopelli Surf School, Gokarna, Karnataka

The first surf school in magical Gokarna, Cocopelli surf school is recognised by the ISA (International Surf Association) and their instructors are Certified ISA Level 1 Surf Instructors. 

The long beach of Gokarna Main Beach provides perfect waves for beginners. Its clean blue waters brings it to its best. Best time to visit Gokarna and Cocopelli surf school is from October to May. They also have rentals for long boards, short boards, wetsuits and more.

To Learn more about Cocopelli Surf School, click here.

3. Kallialay Surf School, Pondicherry

The Founders of Kallialay Surf School, Juan and Samai Reboul, both from a small village in Spain, started surfing at the age of 9 & 10 when they were in India. As kids, they were given the opportunity to surf by some professionals and there was no looking back. What started as a coincidence soon become such a passion that they started to offer classes to the teenagers and children of Auroville. They conduct regular classes for beginners now. To learn more about Kallialay Surf School, click here.

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4. Soul & Surf, Varkala, Kerala

Soul and Surf, based in Varkala with branches in Sri Lanka too offer more than just surfing. If surfing in tourist free beaches of Varkala, Yoga sessions on the rooftop of their homestay, relaxing in their gardens and bonfire evenings or even freshly baked pizza sounds exciting to you, then check out Soul & Surf.

To learn more about Soul & Surf, Click here.

5. Covelong Point, Kovalam, Chennai

Covelong Point is one of the top destination for surfing in India. Run by fisherman-surfer Murthy Megavan in Kovalam, Chennai. – Murthy took up surfing after the 2004 tsunami. The school provides a sustainable source of income for the village, educates local children. The school also gives lessons in windsurfing and kayaking. They have a café, lounge, and guest rooms.

To Learn more about Covelong Point,click here. 

6. Bay of Life, Chennai

Bay of Life was set up by a team comprising of surfers, biologists, lifeguards, instructors, engineers and conservationists united by one common passion – the ocean. With safety and expertise certifications from NOLS USA, WMI USA, NIWS (IND), and the International Surfing Association, they have built a team that is knowledgeable, dedicated and approachable.

To learn more about Bat of Life, Click here

7. Shaka Surf Club, Kodi Bengre, Udupi, Karnataka

Shaka Surf Club started in 2007 by Tushar Pathyiyan and Ishita Malaviya are one of the first surf school in Karnataka.

Located at Kodi Bengre Village, located near the temple town of Udupi, Karnataka, they conduct classes for the local kids as well as regular classes for anyone looking to learn surfing.

The Shaka Surf Club is all about freedom in the waves, good vibes, not taking things too seriously and learning to just go with the flow. The word ‘Shaka’ literally means “hang loose” or “take it easy.”

At The Shaka Surf Club, they provide beginner level surf lessons, surfboard rentals and accommodation at our Surf Camp Namaloha.

To learn more about Shaka Surf Club, click here.

8. Mumu Surf School

Mumu Surf School was the first surf shop located near Chennai and consider themselves to be experts to surf local waves. Mumu was raised in a fishing family in Mamallapuram, Mumu is a qualified in ISA Instructor with a Surf Rescue License, PADI Divemaster and Rescue Scuba Diver.

Now, Mukesh and his wife Anna run the Surf School right at the Main Beach of Mahabalipuram. The attached “Sandy Bottom Café” offers healthy, nutritious, fresh food and drinks for the tired surfers after a session in the waves.

To learn more about Mumu Surf School, click here

9. Surfwala, Arambol, Goa

Surfwala is one of the newer surf clubs that has set up shop on the beautiful beaches of Arambol, Goa. Surfwala offers classes and equipment rentals.

To learn more about Surfwala, click here

10. Vayu Surf School, Ashwem, Goa

 Vayu was created with the aim to inspire a lifestyle driven by adventure, creativity and fun, while having a positive impact on our community and the natural environment.

Set up in 2013 in Ashwem, with a purpose to bring together a community of like-minded people Vayu offers surfing classes, equipment rental and even stay in their beautiful property.

To learn more about Vayu Surfing, click here


11. Ocean Delight Surf School, Kovalam, Chennai

Appu Manik, Founder, partner and senior coach of Ocean Delight surf school grew up in a traditional hard working fishing village called Kovalam south of Chennai. His family have made a living by catching, selling and cooking fish for many generations.

Appu was 15 when he started surfing in 2005, a chance encounter with a roaming nomad surfer from Israel. Appu saw the light and has wanted to surf ever since.

Today, Appu is India’s most tropheyed surfer with 3 Indian surf championships and a bunch of other wins.

To learn more about Ocean Delight Surf school, click here.  

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