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7 Essential GoPro Accessories for 2019

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The innovation didn’t stop with the invention of the GoPro action camera and soon GoPro and other third-party manufacturers have gone on to create numerous GoPro accessories that take your film making to the next level.

In our previous article, we covered how GoPro was created by founder Nick Woodman when he was struggling to shoot travel videos of him surfing. GroPro was created to help amateur filmmakers get right up close to the action and shoot incredible clips without having to spend a fortune.

GoPro and numerous other third party manufacturer have started creating GoPro accessories specifically for individual activities like travel films, racing, diving, surfing and many more but you get the picture.

Must-Have GoPro Accessories for Travel Filmmakers

1. GoPro Lanyard Neck Strap for GoPro

The Lanyard neck strap for GoPro is among the most affordable GoPro accessories for beginners and experienced travel filmmakers in this list.

We’ve all been in situations where we’re trying to capture something that is happening in front of us but we find that the camera is tucked away in our bags. The GoPro lanyard neck strap ensures you always have your action camera within arms-reach and ready to film.

The strap is made from high-grade skin friendly nylon fibre that won’t rip easily. The lanyard neck strap also comes with quick release strap in case you want to take it off the neck strap and use it on a mount.

The quick release strap is attached to a universal U Lock that securely fastens the action camera case to the lanyard.

GoPro accessories zen mountain gear Action Pro Go Pro Lanyard Neck Strap for Gopro Hero 2018 7 6 5 4 3+ SJ Camera
Simplicity of the Lanyard Makes it a Must Buy

2. Three Way Arm, Monopod and Tripod GoPro Accessories

Ever had a heartbreaking episode when videos which are taken on action cameras also feature the selfie stick or mount? Footage of the selfie stick in our videos is definitely a Noob mistake that we would all like to forget.

The GoPro 3 Way arm is an angular monopod that completely eliminates the risk of the selfie stick being visible in any footage. The angular monopod is completely collapsible. The arm can also be used as a follow cam.

Not only is this an angular monopod/selfie stick, it comes with an inbuilt tripod that lets you take beautiful time-lapse videos and also stable POV footage if required.

When completely collapsed, the monopod turns into a camera grip letting you make POV or vlog style videos. The grip is made from material and textures that provide extra grip even when your hands are sweaty.

Instead of buying a standard selfie stick, we feel this upgraded selfie stick has to be on your priority list of GoPro accessories.

The arm is made from great quality materials and is completely waterproof.

3 Way_1_D gopro accessories zen mountain gear'
3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod by GoPro

3. Go Pro Underwater Housing Waterproof Case

No GoPro accessories list is complete without the honorary mention of the waterproof housing case. Most waterproof housing units are cross-compatible across different models and even brands but do check before buying. The waterproof cases are made from PMMA materials that keep your GoPro or other action camera cases safe up to 45 meters.

These waterproof cases are extremely lightweight and it’s a good idea to keep the case on even if being used on land. Footage shot with the case is clear and vivid and the case does not affect the quality. These cases are ideal for diving, surfing, snorkelling and other water sports activities.

The Matte Black Case Looks Classy

4. The Handler Floating Hand Grip

Fourth on our list of must-have GoPro accessories is the GoPro handler. Going for your first snorkel or scuba dive session? Looking to take great underwater footage but concerned about losing your GoPro. This GoPro accessory is a must-have for water sports aficionados.

The thick diameter of the GoPro Handler gives you extra stability and a comfortable grip to take better shots while in the water.

The primary benefit of the GoPro Handler is that it will keep your GoPro afloat and will never let it sink to the bottom of the ocean.

The bright colour of the handle also improves the visibility of the camera in case you get separated from the camera while filming.

The GoPro Handler comes with a flexible mount giving you multiple shooting angles.

GoPro Handler GoPro Accessories
The catchy orange band will help you spot your GoPro

5. Helmet Front + Side Mount

Calling all speed demons. The Helmet Front + Side mounts are perfect for biking enthusiasts.

The kit is versatile letting you mount your camera either on the front or on the side of your helmet. The mount comes with a swivel assembly letting you choose the perfect angle for your footage.

The mount is quite easy to use and is a must-have for anyone who enjoys riding bikes.

The helmet front & side mount comes in at 5th place on our list of must-have GoPro accessories

Site_HelmetFrontSideMount_1_D GoPro accessories zen mountain gear
Multiple Angles Allows for Great Footage

6. Dual Battery Charger

Never worry about not shooting footage thanks to the GoPro Dual Battery charger. With the dual battery charger, you also get an extra battery that you can use in case one runs out. When you’re back in the hotel room, you can charge both batteries together and be prepared for the next day’s shoot.

The GoPro Dual battery charger can be conveniently charged with through a universal USB port or get up to 40% faster charging with the GoPro Universal charger.

If this wasn’t enough, the GoPro Dual charger comes with two individual led lights to indicate the charge status of individual batteries.

The dual battery charger should be on your list of essential GoPro accessories if you’re travel vlogger.

Coupled with a fast Charger, the dual charger is perfect fot Vloggers

7. GoPro Floaty

Last on the list of GoPro accessories is the GoPro Floaty.

Looking for a flotation accessory but without the extra size of the handle from the GoPro handler.  The GoPro Floaty attaches to the frame backdoor and all housing case of the earlier models of GoPro action cameras. The GoPro Floaty also includes an adhesive anchor and camera tether for added security in extreme conditions.

Not only does the Floaty keep your camera afloat, but the super bright orange colour case also makes it easy to spot your GoPro no matter where it is.

The GoPro Floaty is great for snorkelling, surfing, wakeboarding or other water activities.

Coupled with a fast Charger, the dual charger is perfect fot Vloggers

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