How to Break in A New Pair of Trekking Shoes

You could have bought your trekking shoe, either from a retailer in your city or from us.  You might be really excited and ready to head out on the trail.

Before you do any serious trekking, you should definitely consider breaking in your shoe.

Smaller lightweight trekking shoes do not need much breaking in and can be used right out of the box.

The bigger mid-weight and heavy boots definitely need breaking in.

There is no fast way to complete this process. The more time you put into this at this stage, the better your trekking shoes will treat you.

Using a new pair of shoes that has not been broken into can cause blisters.


how to break in a new pair of trekking shoes
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Breaking in Trekking Shoes: Stage 1

Wear the shoes along with the socks that you would wear on the trek.

For Himalayan treks, Woolen socks are most suited and you should consider getting a pair.

Wear the shoe when you’re either going to walk your dog or going to the shop. The idea is to expose your feet to the feel of the shoe for short durations. While walking, notice how your feet feels? Does it feel comfortable? Are there any pressure points? Does something feel off? Is the fit bad? A bad fitting show will never feel comfortable and adapt to your feet.

Breaking in Trekking Shoes : Stage 2

Once you’ve been doing this for some time, go on a of day or weekend trek. Now you will be wearing your shoes for longer periods and your shoe will start adapting to your feet.

During this process, don’t hesitate to take breaks if you feel tired or need more time to adjust to your new shoes. If you stop for breaks, you can loosen the laces and let your shoes and feet relax.

Pro tip: All shoes go through a process of expansion and contraction when being used.

When not being used and stored at home, always loosen the laces which lets the shoe expand and return to its original shape.

Breaking in Trekking Shoes : Stage 3

Now you can start wearing your trekking shoes for longer treks. Always check your feet after a long day of hiking. Check your soles to see if you can find any sore spots or blisters.

When resting, take off your shoes and let your feet relax.

Always carry a pair of slippers or lightweight shoes that you can wear around the campsite. This will give your tired feet some much needed rest.

It’s time to enjoy your new shoes. 

Want to buy an expensive pair of trekking shoes but not sure how long they would last? Read our article “How long should a trekking shoe last?” 

new trekking shoes
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